Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Candy corn!

Just 10 days left til Halloween, which means two important things:

1. We need to figure out and properly construct our costumes.
Is there a food costume I can make that will be both cool and still allow me sufficient mobility to salsa dance? I'm stumped. Susan has fabulous plans to be something foodie and a hilarious pop culture reference from the 80s.

2. It's totally acceptable to eat large amounts of candy corn!
Yes, people either love it or hate it. We happen to love really good candy corn. What about vegetable-shaped candy that tastes like marshmallow and honey is there not to love?

If you're someone who loves real candy corn, or even just loves the festive playfulness of Halloween, then why not whip up a pair of candy corn stud earrings? Women's Day has excerpted our recipe for candy corn stud earrings from our cookbook, and you can find the complete recipe on their website!

Happy crafting!

* Photo copyright Zachary Williams.

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