Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cupcake variation: Halloween

The best part about making your own food (tiny and real) is that you can completely customize it! Craftzine and cut out + keep featured our candy corn stud earrings recipe today, and we were inspired to play around with it a bit to show you another way to use the recipe.

Since Halloween is right around the corner, we thought we'd show you how to combine two of the recipes from the book to create a fun seasonal cupcake. For the Halloween cupcake, make the base exactly the same way as the original recipe. Substitute orange for the red in the frosting ingredients to create a pale orange frosting for the top of the cupcake.

To make the tiny candy corn, scale down the candy corn recipe so that the ball of yellow is about 1/16", the orange is about half of that, and the white is a teeeeeeny ball about half the size of the orange. It's a very small piece of candy corn!

To make sure that the candy sticks nice and securely to the frosting, add a dab of translucent liquid clay to the back of your candy corn, and press it into the frosting. The liquid clay will act like a glue, and create a very secure bond between the candy corn and the frosting once the cupcake is baked.

You can make two for a fun pair of earrings, add one to a orange and black beaded necklace, loop it into a cell phone fob, or even make a bunch for a set of stitch markers!

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