Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shopping List

Grocery lists were a big deal in our family. We grew up making one each week before the big shopping trip. Our mother even divided the lists into the various sections of the store (produce, dairy, deli, bakery, etc.) so that we'd be sure to remember everything we needed. So naturally, we're inclined to make a shopping list so that you'll have an easy reference for all the tools and materials you'll need to have handy to make all the projects in the book! This is just a list- for more detailed explanations of the particular tools and their uses, check out the first two chapters of the book.

Clay (all 2oz packages; 1 of each)
(You can find the clay at most craft stores, or online at polymer clay express.)

alizarin crimson Premo
cadmium red Premo
orange Premo
cadmium yellow Premo
Granny Smith SculpeyIII
green Premo
white Premo
translucent Premo
ivory SculpeyIII
ecru Premo
burnt sienna Premo
raw sienna Premo
black Premo

2oz bottle Translucent Liquid Sculpey

Clay tools & Materials

2 white ceramic floor tiles 8"x8" (look at your local hardware store)
parchment paper (grocery store, in the baking section)
small plastic resealable bags (for storing your clay; grocery store)
rubbing alcohol

small paintbrush (#4 round size; craft store or dick blick)
raw sienna soft pastel (craft store or dick blick)
Pearl-Ex micropearl powdered mica (craft store or polymer clay express)

safety pin or metal needle tool (craft store in the scrapbooking section or polymer clay express)
small-blade utility knife
razor blade or stainless steel tissue blade (polymer clay express)
straight pin (with a ball end)
small double-ball stylus (craft store, scrapbooking; or polymer clay express)

Jewelry-Making Tools and Materials

jewelry-making round nose pliers (craft store or firemountain gems)
small nail clippers
2" silver-plated headpins, 24-gauge (firemountain gems)
26-gauge silver wire, half-hard (firemountain gems, or elsewhere online)
ear wires (firemountain gems,, or artbeads are all good sources)

clasps & catches (craft store, firemountain gems, or artbeads)
seed beads- size 11 (local bead stores)

stringing on braided wire
crimp beads
crimping pliers

stringing on nylon thread
nylon beading thread
beading needle
bead tips
bead-stringing glue

earring posts & nuts (firemountain gems,, or artbeads are all good sources)
ring backing
cyanoacrylate (super) glue (craft store)
sandpaper, 220 grit (hardware store)

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