Monday, November 23, 2009


This weekend we were lucky to be next to apple vendors at the farmer's market. They had so many fun, colorful varieties. And the best thing about local market apples is that they're often interestingly imperfect shapes. I particularly like how the one in the front here looks like it grew in a stiff headwind.

Apples are also a great exercise in color mixing. I love how these three apples go from a deep, cold red (back left) to a medium red (back right), to a really warm streaky red (front.) A bunch of different mini apples clustered on a bracelet or a pair of chunky, multi-apple earrings would be incredibly cute. And a great gift for a teacher to boot!

Here are some more apple photos to get you inspired!


  1. Hi!
    My name is Anna and I am twelve years old.
    I love the book!
    I hawe made a lot of tiny food, it is so fun!
    Can you come whit some more ideas for tiny food?

  2. Nice photos. Good idea about the teacher gift.